Helping WV Flood Vicitims

Helping WV Flood Vicitims

Jul 1, 2016 | (1387) Views

In part to donating to the victims of the horrible flooding disaster that has happened in West Virginia, we are also taking it upon ourselves to donate at least 60% of our profits for the months of July and August.

But, we need your help spreading awareness to help bring in those needing web or graphic design work done! We're willing to do all the work and cut all the costs we can, so we can work with any budget anyone is limited too in order to raise as much as we can for them.

Or if you prefer, you can even go to and make a donation yourself, find a place to volunteer, or find out where you can drop off items needed to help those in need.

Please like and share this to help spread word! ‪#‎wvflood‬ ‪#‎wvstrong‬



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