Best Times To Post To Social Media As A Business

Best Times To Post To Social Media As A Business

A question we hear a lot from people who are new to blogging and social media is "What should I post about, and when should I post it?" We've come up with some tips to help get you started. We're going to break down a few different social media platforms and base the frequency on those.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ are low volume/high value based networks. Meaning don't post to often, people can get easily frustrated by that. Each post should be valued by more than just yourself, and include interesting content. We suggest keeping your posting between 3 and 12 posts a week.

Twitter and Pinterest are high volume/low value networks because of the fast pace of conversation that continues to happen. You can share content you find or create, as long as it's a relevant post or interesting to your followers. We suggest a minimum of 5 posts a day to keep followers interested, with no cap on quantity.

As for all of your posting, you should keep in mind quality over quantity is key. You'll lose followers and interest from your audience if you just keep sharing things you find that have no real identity or reasoning.

We hope this helps, and as always, feel free let us know what you think in a message or the comments below!

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